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Natural design and eco-sustainability in Val Giovo: Naturhotel Rainer

There are many things I envy in South Tyrol (or if you prefer South Tyrol): obviously the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but also a widespread culture of respect for the environment. Walking around as a tourist, you often encounter special attention to eco-sustainability: organic and short-chain agricultural products, renewable energy, green building.
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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Hibiscus Fertilizer

With the right type of Hibiscus fertilizer and the right Hibiscus care, your plants will grow vigorously and produce a great many large and beautiful flowers.These flowering plants are what you imagine when you daydream of laying by the pool in Florida.They have dark green leaves with pink, yellow, orange, lavender, red, white, or bi-color flowers.
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How To Propagate Peperomia (Baby Rubber Plant)

The Peperomia plant is a very easy plant to propagate. It is grown from the stem, leaf, or tip cuttings.The rooting medium should be very light and airy, and the ends of the cutting should be dipped in a good quality rooting powder.Simple, consistent care will produce a healthy new plant quickly.Choose the Right Rooting Mix For Peperomia PropagationThe best and simplest kind of soil to use as a Peperomia rooting mix is a half-and-half combination of perlite and peat moss.
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Echeveria Agavoides Care Tips: Growing The Agave Lipstick Echeveria

Echeveria agavoides ech-eh-VER-ee-a, ah-gav-OH-id-eez is a flowering succulent plant producing colorful flowers with dark yellow tips from the genus Echeveria.Agavoides like many Echeveria succulent plants come from the rocky regions of Mexico and belongs to the family Crassulaceae.It includes a rosette of thick, triangular leaves resembling the foliage of agave plants.
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How To Grow And Care For The Amaranth Plant

The Amaranth, also known as amaranthus or sometimes called pigweed, is an easy to grow annual flowering plant.If you desire dried flowers then look no further than the Amaranth plant.Amaranth flowers actually retain their color even when they are dried.The flowers make for perfect flower arrangements.
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Irrigate with water from the conditioner

Hi Guglielmo I can confirm your hypothesis: the water in the conditioner is fine for plants. The air conditioners and dehumidifiers collect water from the humidity in the air, through condensation, this water is free of salts and can therefore be useful for irrigating the plants in the vegetable garden and the garden. Tap water, on the other hand, is less suitable because it is calcareous and often also contains chlorine as a disinfectant.
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